Guilty Party - Imposter Syndrome

Guilty Party - Imposter Syndrome

Shall we start by apologizing for not checking our mail in a while? We’ve falling behind on reviews! It’s tough at times to find some time together to sit down for these.

Sure. Life’s gonna life. Relatable to most everyone hah

So here we go. We are sorry for being flakey assholes, but we know we won’t change.

That said, I’m excited to listen to this Guilty Party EP!

Shout-out to them seeking us out for a review!

Surprised Imposter Syndrome isn’t the name of every other record. All right, here we go.

~ Baby Bird ~

There is a sound that’s so specific to that corner of the Californian punk scene, and this intro is that sound.

Was it? Sounded more power-pop to me

It reminded me more of Lagwagon and adjacent. Might be cause we saw them last week.

Could be that for sure

I enjoy this song. It’s like midwest emo but good.

Pretty hooky stuff

~ Circling the Truth ~

Bit louder here.

Jawbreaker vibes on this track.

Hm. Yep, Dear You-era. Could see that.

Dear you: this goodbye is overdue

Didn’t even catch that line

It’s ‘this goodbye is overdue’. Tried to make a joke, haha


Note: All of a sudden, Marcus drops himself on the floor and smashes at the ground.

Just had to obliterate a creepy crawly

And there I thought you wanted to play drums with the floor as your kit

Nope, something crawled across the floor haha

~ Friendly Fire ~

Didn’t we already drinkscuss a record with a song called friendly fire?

Hm..not sure, I wouldn’t be surprised

Tempo definitely picked up on this one so far

This EP is going to be such a good “get off the subway and walk to a venue before a show” one.

Very much that mood between normal life and fun life

My favorite track on here so far

Just cause the tempo?

That’s a fair bit of it. Stands out from the first two tracks

Ha this bridge or outro works so well and comes out of nowhere


~ Godspeed ~

Last song!

This song on its own takes up 1/3rd of the time on this EP haha

Well, this is a departure haha

It has a bit of a hidden track feel

That one song the band loves but is so different from the rest, that it needs ten minutes of silence before it plays

And in the end becomes a fan favorite

Ah yes, the track insert number of last song here that’s 15 minutes and this being the last 3-4 of em

Exactly! I’m actually digging this, it’s a lot fuller than the start of it made it out to be.

Not sure how I’m feeling about it so far

It’s pretty much your standard closing track, the lost in nostalgia but better than this combination, only slower than most of the stuff we listen to

Seeming like the kind of song I’d let run in the background and somewhere around the 10th time I’ve heard it…I’d be like, “wow, this is actually pretty cool”

It’s a promising EP. Lagwagon and Jawbreaker fans should be able to dig this, as well as fans of the midwest emo sound who want their stuff less twinkly

I concur. Definitely a band we should keep on our radar. They definitely have a ear for melody; felt like the songs were crafted pretty well.

Kinda had late 90s rock vibes to me

Their music videos would definitely have a kid skateboarding to school at some point. Im certain of that haha

Chased by a dog. Or pulled by a dog.

Definitely pulled by an annoyingly hyperactive dog, yes

Listen here:

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