Fest is upon us, and if you’ve been following us, you know that most of our favorite bands will be playing. We’re taking a short break from Drinkscussing records to get drunk in Gainesville with our friends. Did you know we met at Pre-Fest in 2016? Or that this is Marcus his 11th Fest and Maaike her 6th, with last year being the first we skipped since going? Between us both, we experienced it all – we know what our European friends go through with the long flights and we know what it’s like to drive hours to get there. We had our highs (meeting, duh) and lows (passing out an entire Sunday after doing too many shots over fantasy football, guess who that was) at Fest.

We also have the absolute best taste in music, no debate. With that, we created a Fest schedule of every band we would be excited to see. Our list ended up with A LOT of sets and we’d be happy if we can catch 10-20% of that. If you’re not sure yet or find yourself with gaps, we went through our Friday! Note that there are more bands playing than just the ones on our list, and there might be some amazing bands we are missing out on.


After taking a break last year – which we planned for 2020 anyway, we are back!

Back to where it all started for us (and back to even less responsible behavior than we have here – though our drinks tonight are non-alcoholic beers!)

You excited for your 11th Fest?

Hm. I think the excitement will really hit me when we land in Gainesville.

Fest #10 seemed a nice number to leave it at, but…I always go back to my rule at this point that each year is my last one at fest til it isn’t haha

Well, one of my friend once said I only like 10 bands and they’re all Fest bands. I wish he was right, because our schedule has 172 sets on it!

I am aiming to make at least 17 of those.

Also, this past weekend was very pre-festy(RIP).

The past weekend was amazing, and pretty much as good as pre-Fest ever was! International friends, amazing bands, new friends – it’s what Iove about music, it really does create a small community of its own.

Anyway, let’s go through our Fest-list!


Aight let’s do the thing!

3:40pm, Sports Reference @ Loosey’s

Recommendation a friend made. I cannot tell you anything about this band besides “I think I gave it a listen and it sounded all right”

Yeah, I heard a song on the official Fest comp and I dug what I heard.

Definitely an “if I don’t get distracted by friends somewhere else, this is where I’ll grab a beer with said friends” band

That said, I hope we’re not already too sloshed in the registration line/high five line by then.

Yes 340 in the afternoon

4:30pm, Lightweight @ Loosey’s

Just saw em in our neck of the woods this weekend.

This clashes partially with Moonraker and it’s a shame, but it’s what Fest is. I love Lightweight, discovered them on the Fest playlist and dragged you to that show.

100% recommended, go see them!

Will take the partial overlap than the complete one haha

So much energy in this band – I hope the singer keeps his voice around for long enough

That’s for sure!

4:50pm, Moonraker @ Vecinos

Vecinos is so tiny, but The Forest has been one of my favorite records of the year – after their amazing set at Bristol Booze Cruise, I haven’t put that record down

New record keeps coming up in the FESY playlist whenever I go shuffle (musicdieshere edition)

Shuffle has very discerning taste, like we do.

So line or no line, I will find my way there. Readers, we Drinkscussed that record, read it if curious about why this should be played on the commute to Fest

I’d concur that Lightweight/Moonraker would be the first bands we’ll circle in red pen (so to speak) as can’t miss. Already psyched thinking about it.

4:50p, On the Cinder @ Mom’s OG.

Recommendation again, I think. I won’t see them, but they’re still on the schedule. Hoping this band makes it out to NYC eventually, I always dig that more street-punk inspired skate-punk sound.

Yea, this ain’t bad at all. Will likely be at Moonraker tho.

5:30pm Maxwell Stern @ The Wooly

Singer of Signals Midwest, always great live – there’s a few great Cleveland artists on the bill this weekend, which surprises me.

Hm. Might be considering food depending how drinks and hangs have gone by this point

5:40pm Iron Chic @ Bo Diddley Plaza

It’s Iron Chic. I may skip this because I feel I’ve seen them often enough, but, yeah, it’s Iron Chic, what else to say

I might pop in for a song or two, more if we’re meeting someone here (food notwithstanding)

6:20pm Jon Snodgrass (full band) @ Vivid Music Hall

I think I’ll make a point to catch a good bit of his set if I can. Good times seeing him Memorial day weekend at Mercury Lounge

Didn’t we have a “Jon Snodgrass appreciation” conversation this weekend? All my friends who know him love him as a person. So much fun live as well. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him full band, unless you count the Scorpio’s. Have I seen Drag the River or Armchair Martian? Probably not. Might be better than Iron Chic imo.

6:30pm The Miller Lowlifes @ Vecinos

Have definitely seen that name on the interwebs (not sure which account tho).

Definitely got that Midwestern punk sound going, I like

Got a feeling this’ll be a rowdy, fun set though!

I love the band name, but can tell you less about the band than most other bands playing this weekend. They seem solid and as we’re throwing songs from the bands we don’t know enough about on when we cross them. Fans of the Rotterdam punk scene would dig this, I was thinking. You know, the Apers, Accelerators, Bat Bites, Lonewolf etc.

7:00pm The Carolyn @ Loosey’s

Hmm…I think I put their album on the 2022 dies here playlist of new music. Haven’t listened to it as yet but what I’ve heard’s sounded engaging.

We missed them at Hamburg Booze Cruise – after that I gave them a listen and there’s a reason it made our list. Heavier of an indie vibe to it, or even just rock. After having been pleasantly surprised by Kali Masi last night, I think that’s what you can expect from this band as well – more energetic live than you’d think on first listen

I forget they played (Hamburg) Booze Cruise

7:10pm Taken Days @ Palomino

Wishlist band for me. Think Fat Wreck pop-punk. It makes me feel nostalgic and I really have been jamming to their release last year.

Yes, it means I will miss the Carolyn again. Look, if bands want me to see them, they need to play New York and not clash with other shows.

Will have to check where I am re: vibes and other conflicts. Maaike just referred to this band as the only playing the coming of age scene in a high school movie.

Definitely summer feels I’ll say that much

7:20 Timeshares @ Vivid Music Hall

Figuring I’ll probably split between The Carolyn and Taken Days instead

Every so often I send Mike Natoli a message and we talk a bit; usually because for whatever reason he came up in conversation with the most unlikely people. Did you know he once played for a hip-hop act together with one of the guys in Neckscars? Fun facts by Music Dies Here! Anyway, Timeshares is fun! We’ll see them the weekend after Fest here.

We’re “hey guess what!” friends by mutual friendships

Punkrockworld: a very small place where everyone knows your name or once played in a band with at some point

7:20pm Shehehe @ High Dive

First High Dive show of the list is more rock&roll – this band always felt like a musically louder the Anti-Queens to me. The friend who initially recommended them to us isn’t going to Fest this year, so if I am nowhere else, I might just go in so I can say “since you once recommended this…”

Hm. I like this. Would recommend. Probably unlikely on my end in being able to do so but might wanna catch the last bit of that set.

7:50pm Goalkeeper @ Loosey’s

Pop-punk for the modern day kids. They played New York thrice since September 2021, I have gone to zero of these shows. They’ve been getting a lot of traction recently, I wonder if this set will end up filling up

Might want to note that for myself re: The Carolyn.

For those who miss the pop-punk of Warped Tour but didn’t really feel a lot for When We Were Young.

Can’t afford Blink 182? See Goalkeeper.

Can’t say this is my thing, tbh

Yea, not a huge pop-punk guy

8:00pm The Ergs @ Bo Diddley Plaza

I sometimes forget the Ergs is a relatively big band. Tons of fun live, super dedicated fans as well. How many sets is Mikey playing this year? I know for sure he’s not drumming for Billy Liar – that’s a Brooklyn guy this year.



8:10pm DFMK @ High Dive

Now we’re heading to some of the louder stuff at Fest. Have you ever seen DFMK?

I haven’t!

Have generally heard good things tho

I think you’ll dig this! Dirty rock&roll neither of us understands due to our zero Spanish vocabulary

Yea, I think so too!

8:10pm Rutterkin @ Vecinos

You added this one? Cause I cannot remember ever listening to this band. Let’s give it a very quick listen so I can have an uninformed opinion

Ah yeah, tried to get a friend of ours to book Rutterkin when they were coming up north for a tour this spring

Yea, definitely added em

Fans also like: Lightweight

Tracks. I would see this and even consider skipping another band or two that clashes.

8:40pm Mustard Plug @ Heartwood

Mustard Plug is interesting, since they’re a ska band that isn’t super ska in a lot of their songs

I usually enjoy the oi-side of the ska scene better, and Mustard Plug seems to slightly lean that way at times.

Fine shave with Rutterkin and DFMK sets (leaning Rutterkin for at least a bit of their set)

Probably food/chill time on this end

8:40pm Matt Caskitt & The Breaks @ Loosey’s

Get drunk. Go “YOOOO CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW MILLS AIN’T HERE” and miss the set. Wait, just me? Our friend (check out Mills on Wheels PR) mentioned them so often, that by now I can name zero songs

Aha! Facts on this

Could see this being excellent live

Which is a failure on my side. So yeah, sorry Mustard Plug, priorities should be made over seeing acts in the name of friendship. Plus it sounds really good, I already love Billy Liar, why not love more bands that have that same sound

9:00pm Panic Problem @ Vecinos

scrambles for Spotify


Ah, from Baltimore. That can explain why this is on the list, if you weren’t the one who added it, we got some friends there who recommend stuff at times

I’m not sure if I did, might have been a recommendation or happened to see them playing a show with a band we liked.

I see why musically as well, this is catchy and has whoas, what else do I need musically? Though I prefer less panic and less problems, would this band make me panic about problems like clashes

The stuff we look for! 😅

9:00pm the Eradicator @ High Dive

One of those gimmick bands that gets away with it. Chicago punk that the hardcore kids love. Should be a crazy set!

Oh yeah, probably one that people should consider getting there early for because it will queue I’m sure

9:10pm The Bouncing Souls @ Bo Diddley Plaza

Needs no introduction here

I can throw a dart at the calendar and the Bouncing Souls will play that month in either NYC, Long Island or New Jersey. That doesn’t make me love them less, it just makes me realize that Fest for me is a time to see friends or bands I otherwise won’t see

Playing NYC (Brooklyn Made) in December.

9:30pm Original Sharks @ Loosey’s

Locals to us and great people! Matt (Such Gold) recently joined them on drums. They always reminded me of a bit more skate-punky Swellers – I think they might have ties to that band as well.

Definitely good dudes, fun tunes as well. Been able to see em a few times

9:40pm Big Bird. @ How Bazar

Will I get a slap on the wrist if I say I still have not listened to this band?

If you’ve followed them on IG (or FB) and somehow missed they had this out, probably. Haha

Definitely a band I’ll make a point to see. Members of Typesetter with a decidedly heavier, snarlier sound than the former

You were excited to see them at the Booze Cruise and then they cancelled, so I know where to find you

9:50pm Taking Meds @ The Wooly

Taking Meds is one of those bands that gets stuck in your head. I don’t know how they do it. Such a solid live band, they never disappoint.

Definitely mix technicality and melody and harmony real well.

9:50pm Boardroom Heroes @ Boca Fiesta (Backyard)

Ah! They came up on shuffle today

Dang, the drums are WILDDDD on this song you put on of theirs

My first Fest in 2015, I made my first American friend in real life while waiting for the Boardroom Heroes their Bad Religion cover set. I’m still friends with her, and I ended up really liking Boardroom Heroes after I gave their own stuff a listen (and it was such a good cover set they did). Definitely that 90’s punk sound that sometimes gets missed.

It does seem like Fest is doing a good job extending to those kinds of bands (at least on Friday; we mentioned Taken Days earlier)

9:50pm Sam Russo @ Vivid Music Hall

Sam Russo is SO GOOD LIVE. If you never seen this guy play before, just go, skip everything else. He’s also a very nice person, and it’s probably no secret that I like repping Red Scare bands in general.

Unfortunately missed him when he was in town on Monday..oops

10:00pm Dead Bars @ High Dive

Party punk you can drink to. I know they’re a Fest tradition for you.

Haha could see myself queuing up for them and likely missing half this set because outside


10:30pm Brendan Kelly @ Vivid Music Hall


I meant what I said about Red Scare acts. To enjoy Brendan Kelly acoustic, drink more than he does that night. You’ll have the same vibe.

Difficulty level: Jedi Master

10:30pm Menzingers (playing On The Impossible Past) @ Bo Diddley Plaza


Right there, that is where the people will be.

Whoops, didn’t catch that clash

Hey, saves you fifty bucks compared to seeing them in New York

Same quality venue

They’re a good band, nostalgia is hip, On the Impossible Past is long enough ago that it feels like the impossible past. That set will get Bo Diddley as full as it gets and you know it

Yep. Just keeping it moving on this end

10:50pm TBA @ Boca Fiesta (Backyard)

I like surprises, what can I say?

::witty TBA joke here::

Is that the Hospital Job set that got announced?

Let me check this

Oh it is!

Okay, Hospital Job @ Boca Fiesta. I don’t think I’m ever going to sleep again is the tagline of the weeks surrounding Fest for me.

Already has been

::Astronaut meme::

11:30pm Tim Barry @ Vivid Music Hall

Tim Barry > Avail. I stand by it. Avail is great, don’t get me wrong, but Tim Barry has this talent for storytelling through music that works so well acoustic

I’ve warmed to a lot of singer/songwriter stuff in recent years but broadly speaking it still feels like that feel of mismatching shoes

I get it, it’s not for everyone, and it needs a certain state of mind to fully enjoy it.

That’s exactly it.

11:30pm Seagulls @ Vecinos

You’ll probably be there anyway

Pretty much


That classic orgcore sound always works – I always prefered my sound a little bit cleaner, I know you like your sound like whiskey and cigars singing whoa

It’s been like 7 years since I’ve seen them. Played this now defunct space in Williamsburg. Grand Victory I wanna say



Time for you to reunite with bands you would have forgotten about if it wasn’t for the merch you got

Haha nah, still follow them on the IG (that tanktop I got definitely a fond reminder of them being a band once)

11:50pm Broadway Calls at Boca Fiesta (Backyard)


Broadway Calls is fun and has been around for way longer than it seems. Can’t believe it’s 14 years since I first saw them, time goes fast. I heard they’re working on new stuff and I cannot wait for this, also, something something Red Scare.

Much enjoyed them when we saw them locally last year. I liked their last album, to my surprise-didnt really know much about them or their sound

I have an impeccable taste in music, you know it. That’s why you love all the things I drag you to and not because you’re less judgmental than me

11:50pm Audio Karate @ The Wooly

Hm. I wanna say they toured within the last year. I think they put out a new album after a period of dormancy?

Interesting clash with Broadway Calls, might be a tough one for some.

I could see that being a minor headache…as it is with Seagulls overlapping with Broadway Calls in my case hah

¡Otra! came out this year, yes.


They lost some of their snarl on the last record, in my opinion. It’s a very 2022 record, if that makes sense. Still good.

This last record does sound a bit more polished up

We’ll try to Drinkscuss it before the year is through. Call in sick one day, spent a full day just drinkscussing records we haven’t gotten around to yet, like Shrug Dealer their last EP (dudes, if you’re reading this, WE WILL GET TO IT!)

12:00am The Dopamines @ High Dive

High Dive is going to be full for this and everyone knows it.

They do two sets this weekend though.

Such a cool band live, so much fun to watch and sing along to.

Also a Fest classic.

I’m gonna bear that in mind, them playing two sets. Assuming people’d schedule their Friday around seeing them, no doubt

12:10am Somerset Thrower @ How Bazar

Do you like clashes, because here’s clashes!

Local favorites of ours. Just might end up here because line at High Dive haha

Good thing Long Island bands have to go through Brooklyn to get anywhere besides NYC and Long Island.

I bet that infamous traffic is enough to make them contemplate turning back around most times

Hey, this is still during Broadway Calls and Audio Karate as well.

Ohhh. Yea, idk if I cut out of Broadway Calls early; probably not I don’t think.

Somerset Thrower and Taking Meds are very reminiscent of each other sound wise, or at least to me.

Surfacewise I can see that

12:40am Chuck Ragan @ Vivid Music Hall

Chuck Ragan is another of those Revival Tour acts, when that sound for a few years was very big. His solo/band stuff is good on its own, so calling him “that guy from Hot Water Music” is selling that short.

Yep. Saw the first iteration of Revival Tour 13 years ago with him on it

When did you start being too cool for the acoustic sound, before you got over being too cool for things?

I always ran hot/cold on acoustic, I think. Was also partial to Chuck Ragan’s first LP

12:50am The Copyrights @ Boca Fiesta (Backyard)

Very likely I’ll just stick around after Broadway Calls for this. Every Fest the Copyrights and the Dopamines kind of clash, and I think it might be on purpose. Someone is keeping score of which band does better, aren’t they?

Everyone who whiffed on getting into Dopamines will probably be here haha

Oh yeah, gotta be some sort of gag at this point

My brain always kind of sees the Copyrights as the older brother of the Dopamines. I can’t be the only one. I love both bands, and Alone in a Dome has gotten more plays than I would dare to publicly admit

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