HI 70 SETS IN ONE DAY. We are going to miss most of them.

…and no we didn’t just go down the entire roster of everyone playing Saturday by time slot and copy/paste everything, though it may read like that!

We are missing a lot of sets! Even some we may like. As always.

12:30pm Teach (No Trigger) @ 4th Ave Food Park

I have never seen Teach play acoustic, but No Trigger is a blast live, so I’m just assuming he translates that charisma well.

Reasonable assumption I’d say! Nice way to start the day, hangovers be damned haha

Start with Teach, yay!

1:00pm Cardboard Box Colony @ Boca Fiesta (backyard)

Won’t the last time we mention Boca…just so y’all know.

One of those bands with that sound I really love. Bit more on the pop-punk side on the vocals, but Fest pop-punk, not Blink 182 pop-punk

Yeah, I could fux with this. Sounds fun, even if not my gargling knives style of vox

And yes, there’s only four sets at Boca we won’t mention. Cardboard Box Colony could also contend as a good way to open!

I’d concur. Margs (virgin or otherwise) during their set sounds clutch

1:10pm Bad Cop/Bad Cop @ Bo Diddley

There might be people who never saw Bad Cop/Bad Cop before and they are missing out – might be one of the more energetic bands early that Saturday.

There just might be! Especially/even at Fest!

1:20pm Dollar Signs @ Heartwood

Speaking of killer live bands

I hate that possum in the trashcan of my heart line after the entire internet never let it go, I always love seeing Dollar Signs.

Drinking game on how many times we see said line?

Hey, I’m just Back On My BullShit again.

Haha well-played, I’ll allow it

But yes. After that set, everyone will post it again. One shot per Facebook reference?


Unintended anthem of our MDH endeavors

1:50pm Celebration Summer @ Palomino

We just reviewed their LP, I think we already posted it right?

Or let’s not because what if we miss Celebration Summer. How can we look them in the eye two weeks later when they’re in our hood?

Fair enough! Granted, I don’t plan on missing them…but FESY happens

No I have not! Posting it closer to the New York show to use it as a bribe


Anyway, gruffy Fest-punk from D.C., excited to finally see them live after you never shut up about them

Me too! Definitely really psyched to see em for the first time!

2:00pm Samiam @ the Wooly

Psyched enough to miss Samiam?

Just might be. Were they doing 2 sets too?

They are! I wanted to say, our friends in Something Bitter would never forgive us if we don’t very drunkenly send them WISH YOU WERE SAMIAM HERE

I think this is the part of Fest Saturday that we’re parked at Palomino tho

2:10pm Audio Karate (Descendents Cover Set) @ Downtown Fats

True, but if I wasn’t, I would want to see a Descendents cover set.

Oh yea, that’d be a real fun time for sure

2:20pm Pkew Pkew Pkew @ Heartwood

Sucks we missed them when they played out here. Blasted jetlag from 3 week Euro trip this summer!

The last time they played locally we just got back from our European trip, and I ate something wrong on the plane, puked in front of the bathroom and crashed for the next 24 hours.

Guess we should’ve ordered a pizza.

Ordering a pizza is always the right answer. Immortal wisdom from the guys. Pity we have no stroopwafels for em should be cross paths in passing

Love that band, and how easy their friendship is won if you have stroopwafels. I heard more Dutch people are now giving those whenever they see them, which is hilarious

HAHAHA that’s magical

2:40pm Neckscars @ Palomino


Maybe you can do live band karaoke with Will at that set

Maybe, just maybe…🙊

Anyway, Neckscars are one of favorite bands at the moment. Glad FEST noticed!

Excellent folks as well

But since a lot of people might not know them, it’s basically Gameday Regulars. Soundwise, Gameday Regulars meets Hot Water Music after a few whiskeys

Definitely whiskeys and not PBR

We will buy everyone who sees us at that set and goes “hi Music Dies Here!” a beer. Or non-alcoholic drink of choice.

Gotta pace ourselves so I’ll probably accept acknowledgment in Athletic brews

2:50pm Billy Liar @ 4th Ave Food Park

Talking about homies, how dare they plan this clash!



UNFAIR. Every year Billy does two sets, one of them clashes with something I cannot miss. It’s the way of living live. He’s not even heading our way this year. Havers, when you read this, explain yourself! (jk, jk)

Deprived of reasons to visit Jersey City this year, dammit

3:00pm Dial Drive @ The Wooly

This year might be the year where both Billy sets clash with other things we might have pinpointed haha. Cuz Fest

The friend of my friend is my friend and so goes for Dial Drive. Still bummed I had a migraine when they played in Queens, glad we got to see them in Bay Ridge

Florida pop-punk sounding like the other Florida Fest pop-punk bands, and thus guaranteed a good time.

Me too, me too. Their newer songs from night we saw em were great, if I recall.


3:10pm The Punk Cellist @ Downtown Fats


like I said, Fest really killing it with the pitting of friends’ sets against other friends. flawless victories here.

Ian’s set is going to be SO MUCH FUN. For fans of karaoke, the audience does the vocals, he provides the music. On a fucking cello. From A Wilhelm Scream to Turnstile – dude is so talented.

Extremely, when we saw AWS with Comeback Kid, Ian ripped cello on some WIlhelm tracks. Killer stuff.

I FORGOT ABOUT THAT SHOW. Thanks for the reminder, now I’m remembering that killer show.


3:10pm Against All Authority @ Bo Diddley

I want to check like.. one or two songs of this band. They were one of my favorite bands a decade plus ago, I have never seen them, and throughout the years, my taste in music changed just enough to still like them but not have this need to see them

Now I’m actually uninitiated to this band. Song of theirs popped up on the Fest playlist we put up. I liked it more than I anticipated for being a ska/ska-adjacent band.

Band conflicts already crushing my brain tho

That’s cause they’re really not that ska, and I’m still confused what band they listened to mention this in the same breath as the newest ska bands

Idk. Me neither on that one. I wont profess to have any level of Ska fluency though lol

Pleading ignorance on this oops

Ska is as broad these days as rock

3:40pm Heavy Seas @ Vecinos

For those who don’t know, we share a Spotify account. Marcus thought he didn’t need one, started using mine when we first started dating, and… we now are so used to this that it’s not an issue.

Gah, will try to make it to their set if I can. Got that late 90s/mid 2000s post-hardcore sound I’d associate with basement shows from this era

One of my favorite releases from last year, the last Heavy Seas record

Heavy Seas has been added to a lot of mutual playlists, they keep popping up, I keep thinking “hm, I should give it a proper listen” and rarely do. But my mind has a positive association with the band, sometimes that’s all that is needed.

3:50pm All Away Lou @ Loosey’s

Second time I know for sure you’ll see Mikey Erg. I don’t think we have Worriers on our schedule, so if you include them, that is three.

Don’t think it would be a Fest without the Mikey Erg tripleheader. Sayin’

All Away Lou is one of those transatlantic bands. I can’t get into the recorded stuff, I love them live.

erm…bands featuring Mikey Erg*

(for sake of clarity)

Yep. Saw All Away Lou on a stacked show here in March with Dead Bars and Decent Criminal. Agreeing with your assessment of them.

4:00pm Oh The Humanity @ Boca Fiesta (backyard)


Friendsgiving come early, eh?

One of my favorite Boston bands. Friends of friends are friends of us!

We’ve actually been fortunate in having seen them 3x over the last year!

Plus they’re so good at finally giving me that European skate-punk sound that is so rare on the East Coast.

They got a couple new songs out that I dont think we’ve listened to yet btw

Canadians are also good at that sound, fwiw. But on the East Coast, especially Tristate area? Nah.

We’ll get to it!

And to think I only conflated that skatepunk sound with bands from sunny California

4:00pm The Jukebox Romantics @ The Wooly

Poor Oh the Humanity.

They have to miss the Jukebox Romantics.

Yep. Major ouch: this conflict

Talking about friends, seeing Jukebox always makes me happy. Luckily, even with Mike his hate for Brooklyn, they tend to show up regularly enough for constant happiness

Mike hates Brooklyn almost as much as (some) people who live in Brooklyn…which is honestly impressive. It’s like he’s lived here his whole life like me hahah

4:10pm Tim Holehouse @ 4th Ave Food Park

I wanted to see his set last Thursday, with Hodera and Brightr, but just couldn’t get myself out of the house. Then my Scottish friend did end up going and I did not know. That might have gotten me out

Wish we could have seen him but I was already licking my wounds from the mid-week’s worth of shows we went to and what we had last weekend

Oh with how I felt yesterday, I am glad I didn’t go. Still a shame to have missed it. But he’ll be back in Gainesville City limits, so if I want to, I can see it – or the other FIVE OR SO BANDS I WANT TO SEE AROUND THIS SLOT.


4:20pm Typesetter @ Heartwood


YES PLZ. Though I rather have the clashes than less bands, because that means more friends get to play with their bands – and that means more people to hug

Afaik, Typesetter’s last show for the foreseeable future if that sways any fence-sitters.

Hey why is there no good English term for “to cheer”, like the bumping beers and saying “cheers”. “People to cheer with” just doesn’t work.

Though we always cheer at Typesetter shows when we do make it to their sets

Wild’s End was one of my favorite albums of the mid-2010s; helped thru some pretty shitty times I was having. Moody tunes with heavy parts and relatable lyrics. Also they were always tremendous live.

4:50pm Wolves&Wolves&Wolves&Wolves @ Boca Fiesta (backyard)

Maybe I just like this band because they always like our tweets. Or maybe they’re actually good

(Spoiler: They’re amazing)

::manifests A-F records tour with them, Celebration Summer, and Nightmarathons into being::

::sends spilled beer offerings for that tour::

We saw them in 2019 I think at Atlantic. reallll good. y’all know the sound

If not, I would recommend minimizing this window, opening your favorite streaming service, and listening. Or just go to the show and be surprised.

but yeah, like our tweets and get fluff coverage. I don’t make the rules lol


4:50pm Brightr @ 4th Ave Food Park

Aren’t Americans suckers for English accents? So this set should be filled to the brim, because acoustic & English, what else do people want?

Didn’t you see Brightr at a festival in Brighton (England)

Yeah, Washed Out in 2018

Americans: too dumb to know what they actually want since forever.

random American

Really dug that set. Very reminiscent of Ducking Punches as well – if you’ve ever seen Dan solo and liked it, you’d like this

Never saw him live, but this seems like acoustic I can enjoy.

5:00pm Suck Brick Kid @ Downtown Fats

I feel like for as much as this band has come up on playlists that one of us (both even?) might be fated to see them!

I haven’t given this a full listen yet, but I really enjoyed what I heard. Reminded me of bands as the Riverboat Gamblers, there’s this almost folk sound in the melodies, but it really is orgcore.


Disclaimer: Music Dies Here does not understand genres or anything related to music theory

always worth repeating #musicantijournalism

5:00pm Lone Wolf @ The Wooly

Or we just see how many Dutch people made it to Fest at the Lone Wolf set.

Perfect opportunity for you to go “Fest is heel gezellig!” in your broken Dutch

hahaha this is also a good idea.


Super catchy band as well! Get Along gets to get stuck in my head regularly

I relish the opportunity of sounding like your mom while festing. Gezellig!

Super catchy: Lone Wolf

5:10pm Paint It Black @ Bo Diddley Plaza

GOOD THING WE SAW THEM LAST FRIDAY because my brain is seeing our conflicts and wondering if by this time, I’m even still alive.

I assume everyone who reads this knows their sound. Go fucking see this band after you caught some Suck Brick Kid or Lone Wolf.

Expecting this set to be fire, given how infrequent PIB play and surely everyone who wanted to see them wasn’t able to come thru on their last show with Avail this past weekend

5:20pm Common Sage @ Vecinos

They play locally all the time and the one time we had tickets, they couldn’t make it. Every other time, we had other plans

Wait. You saw them before!

We got an Open Tabs due for the album they released last year

Yes we do! Maybe we need to take two days off and just do reviews, because we are behind!

Yep, did see them last year. Tryna remember who with. I think it was with Massa Nera (local skramz from Jersey). Much enjoyed them after being iffy on their record when I heard it in passing

5:30pm Black Dots @ Loosey’s

I might have added them to the playlist, come to think of it. Definitely saw them one of the last times we were at Fest. Maybe 2018 at Boca.

Much enjoyed em

Very much got that heartland rock n roll sound

Never seen them, never heard of them, but whoever put them on it should be on here!

5:30pm To Forget @ How Bazar

Okay, never heard of them at all. Since you added them, sell me on them.

Of the oodles of bands we’ve discussed, we’ve got our first skramz band of the weekend

Skramz is still a thing? There I was thinking it would die after the rebranding from screamo

You and Collective Effort Booking always throw me off – you realize it’s 2022 right?

The skramz candle burns as bright as ever in the underground, Maaike.

Yes, which is why the world needs skramz again

Yeah, that’s cause it’s too dark to see in that underground – like seeing skramz is dead.

All jokes aside, I actually do enjoy this genre live a lot!


::the part where I gently remind you that Saetia reunion sold out three times over::

5:40pm Coffee Project @ Boca Fiesta (backyard)

Gainesville locals!

They’re like the Front Bottoms if the Front Bottoms were more fun


6:30pm The Flatliners @ High Dive

Nah, we’re skipping to the next band because we still need to pack

Will probably be gawking at the queue while getting Five Star.

We gotta eat sometime, right?

The Flatliners also play Bo Diddley on Friday, I just forgot to add them there. Fun band, nice guys, once ended up drinking with half the band in Amsterdam after they played with Lagwagon. The other half ran to the Red Light District because “they wanted to see it”

Incredibly tight live set. Incredibly not standing in line for this.

hahaha sounds like touring band in NL, minus reefer madness

One day I need to give that new record they just released a listen


6:40pm Debt Neglector @ Boca Fiesta(backyard)

Might as well live at Boca Fiesta, because do you see this line-up

Don’t know what else I have at this time because I haven’t actually done a sked for myself but will see if I can make their set

One of the few more politically inclined bands I absolutely love.

I asked you to add all bands you want to see to this schedule, remember?

I’m assuming you did, instead of seeing if I had any nudes stored on my phone.

I mean, I don’t have the app on my phone yet so got nothing to cross-match off of.

on my end*

Send nudes for app access.

So there’s a chance i might have added something but dont remember

Debt Neglector. Back to it.


6:20pm Kali Masi @ Heartwood

You saw em Monday, whatcha think?

Indie-rock with a punk twist – fans of Signals Midwest would love this

Really fun live set!

For me they are more of a hang at back of bar and smile at crowd set.

Which sometimes is exactly what I need!

Ah! I know they had a much-ballyhooed album that came out I think in 2020. Gave it some scattered listens-surmising that I’d dig em more in a live setting.

6:20pm Anti-Flag (Career Spanning Set) @ Bo Diddley Plaza

Good call on Kali Masi being a band that people into SIgnals Midwest being one to give a spin to tho

I love Anti-Flag, they’re great live. When I was 18, I won a meet&greet – I took my then 13 year old sister with me (my parents drove us to Amsterdam for this and went out for dinner during the show). That was not her first time seeing that band.

I don’t think i’ve ever seen Anti-Flag to be honest with you

You have! Pouzza 2018


You enjoyed it, but ended up falling so in love with Face to Face, you probably forgot every other big band there.

Very likely that happened

Fun band live. Career spanning set can mean anything. Bet the “the new stuff sucks” people will be here – and complain about how career spanning also means new stuff.

You could set a watch to that bullshit

7:00pm Mikey Erg (full band) @ The Wooly

More Mikey Erg. It’s not the same as the Ergs. It’s not different either. If you like one, you’ll like the other.

In a nutshell. We saw Mikey Erg (band) sometime not long ago. Will concur that there’s no real stylistic difference here

7:20pm Signals Midwest @ Heartwood

I feel everyone should do Kali Masi and Signals Midwest as a set.

See it as one big show.

Yep, and assuming maximum overlap between people tryna check em both out

Fun fact: I think last time I saw Signals was the last show before teh Covid

7:40pm The Bouncing Souls @ Bo Diddley Plaza

It’s the Souls again. Yeah. See our Friday

Yeah, I got nothin’ haha

8:00pm Rebuilder @ The Wooly

Another great band from the Boston area.

I really feel like Fest is where Rebuilder is at their best

They are! It’s when all the bands Daniel books finally get to see Rebuilder


And yes, anything is better than New Jersey.

8:30pm Eichlers @ High Dive

I am skipping Eichlers. It’s hyperska. Hyperpop, but ska. If you’re under 25, you’ll love this. If you are a heavy TikTok user, you’ll love this. If the Heartwood is where your Friday was, you’ll love this.

Hahaha I think I’m outside target audience

If you wonder what the hell it is the kids are doing with music, there’s other bands you might want to check out. But he’s such a nice guy, I needed to add him in!

8:50pm American Thrills @ Palomino

Our favorites from Connecticut! Menzingers fans should check this band out. Actually, everyone should. They played their first Fest last year, and I am expecting them to become Fest regulars.

Compulsory listening for Menzingers and Gaslight Anthem heads. Period.

Well, that’s…like, totally my opinion

Album out late November

Yes. We are looking at you. We will take you from whatever you’re seeing so you can check this out.


8:50pm Male Patterns @ How Bazar

But if you really want something louder, we forgive you for seeing Male Patterns instead.

We’ve seen them a couple of times now and they’re a blast to watch on stage, so much energy jumping from (and on) that stage

Definitely aficionados of throwback, fast hardcore should lend them their time and their ears

Albany hardcore punk – because New York City is overrated.

9:00pm the Menzingers @ Bo Diddley Plaza

So here’s the deal. You, yes you, see American Thrills and then head to the Menzingers afterwards.

Maximize your fest experience

9:30pm States of Nature @ Vecinos

Marcus, I just know this is a band you added.

They’re on Sell the Heart (one of our favorite up-and coming labels). I’d been curious to check them out for a minute now

OH. That’s where I’ve seen the name before. This song we just put on sounds interesting – live I am expecting great things now. Greater than the Menzingers. None of the Sell the Heart bands have let me down so far, right?

Aight, this track we just put on bops

Very 90’s, grungy indie punk


I will also subgenre everything

Listening to this band-seeming remniscent to indie, dancey punk: think Discord-era.

9:50pm House of Wills @ The Bull

So they aren’t on Spotify I think, so I Googled it and ran into some cool Cleveland history. Try Googling House of Wills for education.

Yeah, had no idea of the origins behind the name so that was good to know!

Sad songs from Cleveland local Joshua. We’re going to do our best to make their set for sure. Have some feelings before having more drinks

Drinking our feelings and feeling our drinks

9:55pm The Methadones @ The Wooly

I haven’t heard that name in so long.

Makes two of us!

Copyrights, Dopamines, Methadones, all basically the same band.


Not actually.

(I think…)

The punk version of the “The” bands haha

10:00pm City of Caterpillar @ Vivid Music Hall

I know you’re likely to miss House of Wills depending on the line situation that night

Especially since Vivid Music Hall has day-passes as well

Yeah, I missed City of Caterpillar when they played here at the start of the month. Venue they played here sold out and I wasn’t able to snag a ticket.

10:10pm You Vandal @ Downtown Fats

Florida pop-punk, Fest regulars, if by now you haven’t seen them at Fest you’re doing Fest wrong.

We drinkscussed the You Vandal full-length they put out earlier this year

10:20pm Nathan Gray & the Iron Roses @ Vecinos

I still don’t know how I feel about the last record, but I bet this will be a good show!

Very different from what they do with Boysetsfire as well

Same here. And plus we’ll see them locally (I think) a couple days after fest.

And different to all of their solo stuff to date

If we’re not seeing Tired Radio

Good point…I’ll take why tf isn’t Tired Radio playing fest for $600, Alex…

10:30pm Hot Water Music @ Bo Diddley Plaza

It’s Hot Water Music and since we already paid for Fest, it’s not $50


Not to put down the supports they’ve had on their stateside tours, but the Euro tour they just came off of with BoySetsFire, Be Well, and Samiam is simply unfair by comparison haha.

Soooo jealous

10:30pm 430 Steps @ How Bazar

Florida hardcore punk. I have the Fest Spotify playlist sorted alphabetically, that’s why this is here, because I enjoyed this.

Ah. rare hardcore band on the Fest slate

Yeah, and the kind of hardcore I like as well!

10:40pm New Junk City @ Boca Fiesta (backyard)

I saw Reconciler post about this band. That’s how I got into New Junk City.

Can’t say I’ve given New Junk CIty much of a listen, but I trust my ears with bands that we dig.

You’d like this. Very similar to Reconciler. Also from Atlanta if I’m correct.

Yes and yes

11:00pm Bitter Branches @ Vivid Music Hall

For some reason I keep hearing about this band

I got a recommendation from a friend to check them out

And conflate them with Bitter Grounds all the time

Too much creative license for my sensitive musical taste

It’s interesting and I see why people recommend it to you. I would have.

Definite noise rock vibe (think KEN Mode). I run hot and cold on this sound overall.

Likely amazing live though. This sound always is more for the live show than the record

Will give em a crack if schedules, etc permit. No doubt.

11:10pm Protagonist @ Downtown Fats

You’ve got some cd’s of this band. Also a Fest regular, aren’t they?

Or is this through when Generic Insight still was active?

I got an EP of theirs floating around the house somewhere. An EP called “The Chronicle”…something to that effect. Late 2000s/very early 2010s I believe.

Would categorize them as a regular, yea

11:20pm Her Head’s on Fire @ Vecinos

I still haven’t listened to their recorded stuff, but saw them live at least twice now, and I can recommend this!

Damn good thing we saw this band a few days ago. I think it’s around then the schedule gets its most ridiculous.

LP is on the shortlist of the stuff I wanna pick up. Anything the guitarist of this band touches is gold (i.e. Heavy Seas, Airstream Futures, The Bomb)

Bit garage-y, grungy sound to it in the production, catchy as well.

Took a minute for the production to click with me but it has

11:30pm Nightmarathons @ Boca Fiesta (backyard)


Wait didn’t we already mention this band?

Nah, we only mentioned them insofar as them being on A-F Records with Wolves x4 and Celebration Summer.


OH so yes, but no

Got it! So yes, also one of our favorite Fest bands.

Yep. They were fantastic last time we saw them. Was wicked hungover but caught like the last end of their set-which was also at Boca

2pm or something

The kind of sound you imagine when someone says “Fest band”

12:00am Heart & Lung @ The Wooly

Clashes hurt my heart. Heart & Lung hurts my lungs from singing along

Speaking for myself, I think we’ve got the good ‘ol FIVE BAND CONFLICT

Anyway, Heart and Lung are fuckin great and if said set of conflicts don’t apply to ya, get into em!

I’m fine, come on, I said I’m fine.

12:10am Worn in Red @ How Bazar

I’m fine, goddamnit, I said I’m fine.


I think for me it’ll be Heart & Lung, but I never saw Worn in Red before either

1000 percent seeing WiR. I have a Worn in Red themed Wild Irish Rose shirt. I’m mandated to see them

Worn in Red is orgcore meets As Friends Rust melodies

Peak No Idea records circa 2008-2011 when they were an active label.

When they were still a respected label


Basically one of the bands I got into that was in the vein of Planes Mistaken for Stars

12:10am Piebald @ Downtown Fats

Piebald is on the list. Piebald will be skipped. Hey, we’re not part of it!

Don’t do what I did earlier today and confuse them with the Pietasters.

haha yea!

12:10am the Darling Fire @ Vecinos

Hey Marcus. Marcus. Marcus



Never listened to them or heard of them before today. It’s very storytelling “wall of sound” post-rock-ish with vocals, from what the little I did listen

Anyway, this band mixes melody and the loudness of a lot of heavier riffage

12:10am Guilhem @ Mai Kai Kava Bar

I guess we’ll just see Lost Love the next day. Maybe.

Guilhem can survive without us there.

Tough sound to fail at, but tough sound to excel at. Darling Fire does it pretty well on the record that came out a little while back (playing a weekender in the northeast USA early november-few days past Fest)

Aye, the United Nations of bands committee next day at Loosey’s. Of course.

We have a Lost Love record. Tried to give it a listen of a few tracks, idk if it’s my thing.

Maybe you just listened to the wrong songs!

It’s possible!

Think you’d dig it, listen to the record they put out last year, bit more energy there

Will do!

12:20am Reconciler @ Boca Fiesta (backyard)

Reconciler, I am glad we got those tickets for that Smartpunk Pre-Fest on Thursday, cause I love that band

Me too. They’ve been too quiet haha. Hearing of them working on a new record very soon though.

Also on A-F records afaik

Even when only 5 people showed up at their New York show before the pandemic back when that wasn’t an everyshow occurrence.

Man, that was like 4 or 5 years go at this point

Huge shout-out as well for sending me the lyrics when I kindly asked. If I have the space, I’ll owe it to them to buy the record. Which I should’ve done anyway

1:00am The Dopamines @ The Wooly

I can feel the beers raining from the sky during this set


The Wooly has a lower capacity, or higher than High Dive?

Lower I think but I may be wrong


L I N E S can be a worry

lower because layout



But two mystery band sets during that same time, it might help

I think the band-o-rama we have in the hour preceding Dopamines makes it tough from us to part from and get in line

1:00am OneLineDrawing @ Vecinos

Jonah is always such a pleasure to watch live, they always seem so happy and caring

Plus why not sing along to Onelinedrawing songs if you can

Couldn’t agree more, we’ve seen Jonah for years and they’ve always had a genuine enjoyment of music and playing that permeates through their songs.

So put a smile on your face and these clashes will all go by

1:10am A Vulture Wake @ Boca Fiesta (backyard)

OR we can just see A Vulture Wake. Bring them your unprescribed drugs you need to get rid off. It’s a service to you, not a gift to the band. Or something.

Can’t say enough good things about this band. Skatepunk with some more tenacity than the genre normally has imo

Live this band fucking rips.

We saw nothing btw

Enough that it makes me talk like Marcus



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