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You keep talking about this band, you even ordered merch, and when I mentioned that they still haven’t played New York yesterday, you pointed out they will be here in a month

But you haven’t bothered me yet about a review, and they did release a record this year, so it’s time we get this done isn’t it?

Haha, been on the tip of my tongue to actually redirect my nagging into something constructive like us reviewing the record though!

The tip of your tongue was just too beer soaked?

Likely…you know how I do

~ Patience in Presence ~

Title track!

This promises to be a very melodic record

Slight complaint, band doesn’t have their lyrics anywhere online.

Full disclosure: new album has been in heavy rotation for yours truly.

Ow, that’s unfortunate.

Guess we’re snagging a vinyl at fest

Really like this chorus dude

It soars

Or at the show here, less carrying required.

Editors note: I am the responsible one. We will buy shit at the show. Like a shirt. And a vinyl.

Haha, it’s very singalongy, even though I’m sure I’ll get the words wrong.

Even better, I’m not fussy!

The day they’re playing at fest I think we’re practically camping out at that space lol

Okay, this is a good opener. Not just because I am a sucker for woahs

And backing vocals. And random shouts.

Lyrics feel like what’s in my head a lot of days

I doubt these lyrics are all about dogs Marcus


Anyhoo you got me there

~ Disconnected ~

Strong, no-frills open to this song

“A song titled disconnected” should go on the punk band bingo



Bit more straightforward than the last song, less focus on melody

Drum fill. Or solo. Whatever.

Guitar kicks in.

Then they’ll repeat the entire song. Right? Right? That’s how that works, I’m sure.

This buildup is cool

Next square on punk band bingo

“The song is a verse/chorus but repeated twice or thrice”

but with whoas

But with whoas.


~ Bitter End ~

Or is it Bitter Whoas

Time will tell

Whoa is me

Whoaly Ghost

Oh, I listened to this song before!

This song and two others are holdovers from their previous EP

It’s one of their catchier ones. You don’t get this orgcore sound to this extend that much these days.

In some parts this vaguely sounds like early face to face not gonna lie

If you loved that gruffy “he’s wearing plaid, isn’t he, and he’s got a beard, I’m sure” sound, this is the song.

sound of a dying breed


Too much dying on Music Dies Here


Sing-along part!

Shout along part you mean.

Definitely knack for hooks is what I’m getting so far


~ Silly Me ~

Two vocalists, I assume?

Good question. 🤔

I remember liking this part after the first chorus a bunch

Bandcamp mentions only one. So I guess Nate (who is the vocalist according to Bandcamp) is multitalented in the genre

Come to think of, definitely same dude

~ The Listener ~

This band also reminds me of old Descendents.

I say, before the record starts what could be pop-punk song.

Or a Neckscars song for that matter.


A little different in tempo from what we’ve heard so far. This track drives the speed limit

This track is stuck in traffic

But being stuck in traffic is the best way to annoy everyone with your musical taste.

Can confirm, if I could I would

They’ll just be the listeners.

~ Fraud ~

We’re back to speed

Political song? From the bits and pieces I’m picking up lyrically

Yea, think I read an explanation of this song when they dropped a video for it and basically got that message.

Super catchy and hooky I’ll say that much

~ Resin ~

This band is really good at writing incredibly catchy hooks, for sure

Noticed that too!

It still feels like there’s two distinct vocalists, it’s super fascinating to me.

I think between the EP (which we’ve got around our basement someplace) and the singles that came out ahead of the full-length being released, I’d already heard about half the record

And memorized it, I bet.

This song’s fun. Reminds me of hanging out with friends over drinks, good company, and good tunes

~ Take My Love ~

This record seems to switch to getting older songs, love songs and political songs.

Is this what we’ve got to look forward to in our next decade?

Come to think of it, this song gave me Leatherface vibes

Hahah. The holy trinity

Their bandcamp description mentions Leatherface as well, so you’re probably not far off with that being an inspiration

I never got into Leatherface, so I can’t tell you much about that

They covered a song of theirs on the EP, afaik (vinyl copy)

Fair enough. I’m the orgcore super soldier of MDH I guess haha

~ Against the Gun ~

I learned the best way to be happy is to stop watching the news

I’m only on Twitter these days for the fantasy football news. Easy enough for me to make space, so to speak, for current events if I choose to.

I do feel these lyrics though.

In the end I’m not even sure if this is a political song, but the first line gave me that feeling.

Political in the personal as political perhaps?

More shouty straightforward song, less melody. Drums almost have a marching feel to it

This song is definitely on a shortlist of favorite songs I’ve heard by em

I see why, it’s one of those songs that has the buildups, the musical intrigue and the repetition you love

I couldn’t quite quantify why but I think your assessment makes sense

I like my songs more quick and fast and straightforward with some good catchyness to them.

Place for both in my book

~ A Good Year to Forget ~

Didn’t Joey Cape release a record a few years ago with that title?

Ah yeah, this track also felt like a summation of the last year cuz reasons

A good year to remember to forget

Got sideswiped by the feels when this track came up whilst walking back to the office after a long lunch walk

I’m a loss for words, can’t keep up with my brain….yep

It’s been a tough few years.

I do feel like that permeates within the albums we’ve listened to, so at least we ain’t alone.

~ Hold My Hand To Make Them Go Away ~ (Tiltwheel cover)

I also never listened to Tiltwheel much

So I don’t think I know the original. It’ll get a spin after this.

And yes. I think “It’s been a tough few years” goes for the entire world.

I think I have in bits and pieces over the years but haven’t sat with anything specific of theirs tho

Re: Tiltwheel

It’s a good cover even without knowing the original. It’s got a bunch of energy to it

It does. As a stand-alone track I really liked this one.

Listen / buy here: https://celebrationsummer.bandcamp.com/album/patience-in-presence

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  1. Love these guys, liked the banter-y review style here. Thanks for reviewing such a great record!

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